The Testament Stone

Title: The Testament Stone – A Megyn Keith Paranormal Mystery

Genre: Paranormal Mystery

When her best friend is murdered by a deranged killer, Megyn Keith unexpectedly inherits an ancient pendant with strange powers. She is led on a journey of discovery as the powers of the pendant begin to manifest and reveal clues about who the murderer is and why they committed the crime. As Megyn gets closer and closer to the truth, she unknowingly becomes the killer’s next target. Out of her element and running out of time, she must discover who the real killer is and avenge her best friend’s death before she becomes the next victim.

This first book in the Megyn Keith Paranormal Mystery series is fast-paced, filled with memorable characters, and contains plenty of plot twists to keep you guessing until the very end. Author C.L. Wells delivers yet another satisfying read that leaves you wanting more. Pick it up today in your favorite ebook format using the link below!