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C.L. Wells is an indie author who writes paranormal thrillers and crime/adventure thrillers.  He is the founder of Creative Writing with a Mission – an organization committed to positive creative standards and supporting worthy causes that help make our world a better place.  The Seer – the first book in the new Paranormal Gift series (available now for pre-order on will be released on November 11, 2016.  To learn more about C.L.’s books or about Creative Writing with a Mission, visit

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Q&A with author C.L. Wells:

Q:  Can you describe your writing style to us for those who may not have read your work?

A:  My paranormal thrillers might be described as Dean Koontz’s Odd Thomas meets Lee Child’s Jack Reacher.  The stories feature the paranormal and supernatural, but there is also a good bit of rough and tumble physical action and adventure involved.

Q:  I noticed that your latest book, The Seer, is part of a series.  Can you tell us a bit about the series?

A:  The first two works in this series, The Tucson Prophecy and The Seer, follow the life of a little girl who is destined to one day develop a cure to a major disease – if she lives long enough to do so.  There is a malevolent spiritual force that is trying to kill her before she can grow up and develop the cure.  A mysterious individual, called the Keeper, is seeking to protect the girl.  He does this in different ways, including giving some individual people supernatural abilities and appointing them as guardians for the girl.  The Keeper himself is a periphery character, and the bulk of the stories focus on those individuals who have been given the task of being the girl’s guardians and how they seek to protect her from the forces that want to kill her.

Q:  Can you tell us about the main characters in The Seer?

A:  The girl’s name in Angelica Carlson, otherwise known simply as ‘Angel’.  In The Tucson Prophecy, Angel is a little girl who is visiting Tucson, Arizona with her parents, when someone attempts to kill her.  Her eventual protector in this first story is a man called Jimmy O’Conner – an enforcer for the Chicago Mob who happens to be visiting his sister in Tucson.  In The Seer, we meet Angel again, who is now twenty years old and a medical student at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.  The man chosen to be her guardian at this point in her life is a former Marine sniper turned professional assassin named Thomas, who is given the ability to see portions of the past and future to help him in his assignment to protect Angel’s life.

Q:  What inspired you to begin writing novels?

A:  I have always enjoyed telling stories.  Even as a young child I drew out short graphic novels involving spaceships and developed elaborate storylines that I would act out with my friends using toy action figures.  I’ve also enjoyed writing non-fiction for many years in my academic pursuits and in my private life.  For many years I also wrote and performed songs for my friends and family.  In my mid-forties, through a series of events, my song writing and non-fiction writing began to have less of an attraction for me.  At the same time, some of the other creative outlets in my life began to come to a close.  It was at that point that I really began to sense the need for a new outlet for my creative passions.  Writing a novel was something of a bucket list item for me, so I decided to give it a go.  I liked doing it so much, I decided to continue to pursue being a writer.

Q:  How can readers discover more about you and your work?

A:  For a current list of my published works and links to retailers and more information about me, people can visit

Q:  Your website mentions an organization that you started called “Creative Writing with a Mission”.  What is this organization, and what is the ‘mission’?

A:  For many years I have noticed a growing trend in much of the entertainment industry to include more and more material of a vulgar and graphically sexual nature.  I find this material personally offensive and in my opinion it detracts from the entertainment value of the material.  I wanted to be able to offer like-minded members of the public something that provided all of the entertainment value they were accustomed to, but without the morally offensive material.  One of the reasons I started Creative Writing with a Mission was to let my readers know that my work will never include this type of material and to hopefully encourage other creative artists to make the same commitment in their work.  People shouldn’t have to choose between exposing their minds to needlessly offensive material and consuming quality entertainment.

Q:  Many readers today want to engage directly with the authors of the books they read.  Do you make yourself available to answer reader questions or do you provide any type of newsletter for readers to stay up to date on your latest works?

A:  I am always happy to answer reader questions.  Some of the easiest methods for readers to use in contacting me directly are the contact page on my blog (, through posting a comment on any of my blog posts on, or by posting a question on my Goodreads author page (

Q:  Can readers ‘try before they buy’ your books?

A:  Absolutely.  Preview chapters for all of my books are available through most retailers.  The Tucson Prophecy is available on for free, and readers can receive a free work of fiction written by yours truly by following this link on my website:

Q:  Where can readers buy your books?

A:  My books are available through (physical books only), (both eBooks and physical books), Kobo, iBook (Apple), Barnes and Noble (both Nook eBooks and physical books), Page Foundry, Scribd, Ingram booksellers, and Tolino.