Creative Writing With A Mission

The mission of Creative Writing With A Mission (CWWAM) is to use our gifts and talents as writers and creative artists to help make the world a better place, by producing quality writing and entertainment for the secular market which…

  • Encourages critical thinking regarding the challenges and opportunities facing our world;
  • Promotes a positive view of God’s interaction with humanity;
  • Promotes a moral lifestyle that values sexual purity;
  • Celebrates the values of honesty, justice, equality, freedom of speech and expression, and democracy for all genders and races; and
  • Promotes and supports worthy causes by raising social awareness and providing direct material support for these causes.

Creative standards:

In keeping with our mission, we commit to our audience that we will refrain from using vulgarity and graphic sexual descriptions in our fictional writing and other entertainment creations.

You can contact CWWAM using this form. Happy writing!