C.L. Wells long biography

C.L. Wells is an indie author who writes murder mystery, YA, and paranormal thrillers.  After working many years as a computer programmer in the healthcare field, he decided to fulfill a longtime personal goal to write a novel, publishing Utopian Day (a crime/adventure thriller), in 2015.  He enjoyed the experience so much, he decided to keep writing.  His latest release, Murder at Rendsburg Resort – the first book in the new Jill Pemberton Mystery series – is available now for pre-order on Amazon.com. The ebook version is scheduled for release on August 26, 2019 and is also available in paperback.

In addition to writing and publishing his own works, C.L. is the founder of Creative Writing with a Mission (CWWAM)  – an organization committed to encouraging creative artists to help make the world a better place by producing quality writing and entertainment which…

  • encourages critical thinking regarding the challenges and opportunities facing our world;
  • promotes a positive view of God’s interaction with humanity;
  • promotes a moral lifestyle that values sexual purity;
  • celebrates the values of honesty, justice, equality, freedom of speech and expression, and democracy for all genders and races; and
  • promotes and supports worthy causes by raising social awareness and providing direct material support for these causes.

To learn more about C.L. Wells, including a complete list of his published works, or to learn more about the CWWAM organization, visit www.fictionwithamission.com.  Mr. Wells resides in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.