Books by C.L. Wells

Murder at Rendsburg Resort – A Jill Pemberton Mystery

Murder at Rendsburg Resort

Genre: Murder Mystery Series / Cozy Mystery

When a small band of vacationers arrives at the exclusive “unplugged and remote” mountaintop estate, no one expects what will happen next. But soon a guest is murdered, and the only means of communicating with the outside world is destroyed. Trapped in a remote resort with a killer is not what mystery writer Jill Pemberton had in mind when she booked her vacation. With the body count piling up and no one else to save them, can she help find the killer before they claim their next victim? A murder mystery that Agatha Christie fans will love, Murder at Rendsburg Resort provides plenty of engaging characters and satisfying twists right up to the final page.

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Dylan & Faedra – The Super-Not Chronicles

Genre: YA Fantasy (with a little bit of romance)

What if you lived in a world where 99% of the population had superpowers – but you didn’t? Dylan and his best friend, Faedra, are two super-nots trying to navigate high school where almost everyone but them has superpowers. Only, Dylan’s best friend has been keeping a secret from him that threatens to destroy their friendship. To make matters worse, Faedra’s parents are kidnapped by a band of super-powered villains. Throw in a battle with high school bullies, a visit to the principal’s office, and Dylan’s realization that he is starting to have more-than-friends feelings for Faedra, and you have one big super-powered (or super-NOT powered) adventure!

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The Testament Stone – A Megyn Keith Paranormal Mystery

Genre: Paranormal Mystery

When her best friend is murdered by a deranged killer, Megyn Keith unexpectedly inherits an ancient pendant with strange powers. She is led on a journey of discovery as the powers of the pendant begin to manifest and reveal clues about who the murderer is and why they committed the crime. As Megyn gets closer and closer to the truth, she unknowingly becomes the killer’s next target. Out of her element and running out of time, she must discover who the real killer is and avenge her best friend’s death before she becomes the next victim.

This first book in the Megyn Keith Paranormal Mystery series is fast-paced, filled with memorable characters, and contains plenty of plot twists to keep you guessing until the very end. Author C.L. Wells delivers yet another satisfying read that leaves you wanting more. Pick it up today!


The Tucson Prophecy – Prequel to the Paranormal Gift series

Genre: Paranormal Thriller

Jimmy O’Conner, an enforcer for the Chicago mob, is in a race against time. A visit from a supernatural being, a cryptic prophecy, a psychotic killer, and a little girl named Angel have turned Jimmy’s trip to see his dying sister Sarah upside down. Can Jimmy save the little girl from the killer’s clutches and possibly help save Sarah’s life? Who is sending him these cryptic messages to enlist his help? Can this mysterious person really help save his dying sister? Jimmy’s not sure exactly what’s going on, but he is certain of one thing; he would do anything to help save his sister’s life – anything.

In the prequel to the Paranormal Gift series by author C.L. Wells, nothing is as it seems when good and evil square off in Tucson, Arizona. Just start reading The Tucson Prophecy – you won’t be able to put it down until the exciting finish! Download your free copy today at the following site:




The Seer – Book 1 in the Paranormal Gift Series

Genre: Paranormal/Supernatural Thriller

An Iraq war veteran and professional assassin finds his life forever changed when he is given the gift by a stranger that allows him to see glimpses of other people’s lives – past, present, and future. This gift turns Thomas’ life upside down, challenging everything he once believed and changing the course of his life. With his life still reeling from the side-effects of this new gift, the mysterious stranger returns and gives him a mission. He must save a young woman who is the target of another assassin. She will one day develop a cure for a major disease – if she survives long enough to fulfill her destiny. Thomas must protect the girl and find the killer before it is too late. Will his newfound gift and his skills as an assassin be enough to save the girl from the forces that want to destroy her? Can he find the mastermind behind the plot before it’s too late?

The exciting first book in the Supernatural Gift series by author C.L. Wells is a page-turning thriller you won’t want to miss! Purchase your copy here:



Utopian Day coverUtopian Day
Genre: Fiction / Thrillers / Crime

International crime, kidnapping, and murder intertwine themselves in this fast-paced debut novel by author C. L. Wells. Three convicted felons, who are attempting to leave their criminal ways behind them, are suddenly pulled back into the world of crime. James, Laura, and J.T. are blackmailed into stealing 80 million dollars and set up to take the fall for the heist. With no one to trust but each other, and the authorities on their trail, they must each confront their own beliefs about what is right and wrong, and decide just how far they are willing to go to be free of their past mistakes.

With enough exciting plot twists and turns to keep you engaged to the very last page, Utopian Day delivers an entertaining and action-packed read. Purchase this book here:


Domestic Bliss

Genre: Literary Fiction Short Story set sometime in the future

Sariah Delphi is excited to be bringing home the latest domestic humanoid robot for a test run. A robot that she helped develop, it is the most advanced of its kind. She should be blissfully happy, but her ex-boyfriend-turned-stalker, Jerry, is putting a damper on her mood. As Sariah puts her new domestic robot through its paces, Jerry becomes increasingly bold in his attempts to get Sariah to take him back. But as things get heated between Jerry and Sariah, Sariah’s new robot turns out to be a surprising ally in helping to keep Jerry in line.

Offering a futuristic and intriguing look at domestic violence, C.L. Wells delivers a suspense-filled story with an entertaining twist.