Find Your Calling online course released!

I have just released the Find Your Calling online course on Youtube. It is designed to help you Find Your Calling, once and for all, without any gimmicks or half-solutions that leave you doubting the results.

I know the inner drive that many of us have to answer the questions, for ourselves, of “Why am I here?” and “What am I supposed to be doing with my life?” I also know the intense dissatisfaction and depression that can result when those questions are not answered correctly – or not answered at all. In this free course, based on my book, Finding Your Calling Without Losing Your Mind, I will help equip you with the tools and knowledge that you need to answer these questions for your own life once and for all.

This course is much more than a how-to class to help you find your calling. It will lead you on a spiritual journey of discovery that will help you connect on a deeper level with God as you learn to embrace the unique purpose that He has for you. Delving into the teachings of Jesus to provide guidance, the Find Your Calling course is sure to leave you inspired, informed, and stirred up with a renewed passion to live life and bring forth your unique gifts, talents, and abilities into the world!

Don’t put off finding your true calling any longer. Start the Find Your Calling course today, and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel so we can let you know as each new episode is released.

May God bless your day!

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