You are unique, so let yourself shine.

You are not an accomplishment or a statistic to God.  And your value and worth cannot be measured by an earthly award or a college degree, or worldly fame.  You are a unique treasure of an infinitely powerful and unique God.  He made you to fill a space in the universe that no one else can fill – so comparing yourself to another person is completely irrelevant. 

So, go, shine bright with the divine spark that God put inside of you that only you can bring to the table in this world today.  Go, make this world a bit more beautiful, a bit more filled with God’s love.  Go and let his light shine through you everywhere you are in whatever way God has equipped you to let that happen – and do so in the knowledge that it matters.   It matters to God, and it matters to others in ways you cannot possibly fathom.  You can’t possibly know that until you know what God knows once you’re in heaven.  So, while you’re here, choose to believe that in faith. 

Now, what are you waiting for?  Go and fulfill your calling, because the world needs you to be you, loving God and loving them.

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