New YA series released by author C.L. Wells!

The new YA novel by C.L. Wells, Dylan & Faedra – The Super-Not Chronicles, is now available for pre-order!

Plot summary:   What if you lived in a world where 99% of the population had superpowers – but you didn’t? Dylan and his best friend Faedra are two super-nots trying to navigate high school where almost everyone but them has superpowers.  A lie, a kidnapping, a run-in with a bully, and Dylan’s realization that he is starting to have more-than-friends feelings for Faedra makes for an exciting adventure!  Pre-order book #1 in this exciting new series now!

For links to retailers where you can pre-order this book, including Amazon, Smashwords, iBooks, & Barnes and Noble, click here!


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