Tucson Prophecy Book Launch Day!

Attention all thriller fiction fans!

Today is launch day for my new book entitled The Tucson Prophecy: a prequel to the Paranormal Gift series.  As part of a special promotion, you can get the eBook version of this novella for FREE!  Here’s the book description:

The Tucson Prophecy book cover

Jimmy O’Conner, an enforcer for the Chicago mob, is in a race against time.  A visit from a supernatural being, a cryptic prophecy, a psychotic killer, and a little girl named Angel have turned Jimmy’s trip to see his dying sister Sarah upside down.  Can Jimmy save the little girl from the killer’s clutches and possibly help save Sarah’s life?  Who is sending him these cryptic messages to enlist his help?  Can this mysterious person really help save his dying sister?  Jimmy’s not sure exactly what’s going on, but he is certain of one thing; he would do anything to help save his sister’s life – anything.

As an ADDED BONUS, I have included a link in the front of the book where, for a LIMITED TIME, you can download book #1 in the Paranormal Gift series, The Seer, ALSO FOR FREE!

The Seer book cover

That’s 2 great thrillers for the price of… well, for FREE – only for a limited time.

Here are the links to several popular retailers where you can download The Tucson Prophecy prequel, find the link for your free copy of The Seer (Book #1), and start this thrilling series:


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