Interview with author Sarah Biglow

Author Sarah Biglow

I recently interviewed author Sarah Biglow, author of the Geeks and Things Cozy Mysteries series.  Sarah is a licensed attorney who spends her days combating employment discrimination as an Investigator with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination.  She is a self-professed TV junkie and when she isn’t working or writing, she helps run a TV recap blog along with her best friend. Sarah currently enjoys an array of TV shows including Once Upon a Time, Blindspot, Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, Chicago PD, Grimm, The Flash and Arrow.

I wrote a book review on the first book in her Geeks and Things Cozy Mysteries series, Pains and Penalties, which is accessible here.  You can pick up this novella (currently for free) on Amazon.

Now, without further delay, here is the interview:

Q: Sarah, can you tell us a bit about the Cozy Mystery genre and why you chose this genre to write in?

A: Well, I actually write in several genres (mostly urban fantasy for adults and young adults) but cozy mysteries are generally characterized by the small town setting and the amateur detective lead character. Most of the time they are female and they work alongside the police (although not in any official capacity) in solving the case. They aren’t usually very detail heavy on the crimes themselves and they are pretty light in tone. I decided to try my hand at them because I knew they were a genre that was getting a lot of attention and was pretty popular so it had a pretty big base of readers to dip into. They were pretty easy to write as I had the basic plots laid out and after the first story, I made each case have a personal link to my heroine.

Q: Can you tell us the title of your most recently published work, and a bit about the storyline?

A: The last thing I published was novella #5 in my cozy series, Saints and Sinners. Not to give too much away, but it is Kalina and Chris’s last case as they prepare to welcome their first child. Secrets from the town’s past come to light as they unravel the latest mystery.

Q: Are you working on any new project at the moment, and if so, can you tell us about it?

A: I am currently preparing to put my debut young adult novel, Muse Song, through the Kindle Scout program (readers can nominate books they are interested in reading and if the book is chosen, it will be published by Amazon’s imprint). I am also working on revising the first book in an adult urban fantasy series. It has been a challenge as I am basically rewriting the entire novel. I also have a young adult supernatural trilogy I am writing as well.

Q: What do you find most fulfilling about being a writer?

A: I love being able to tell all the stories in my head and share them with people. I’m pretty sure I’d go crazy if I didn’t get the ideas out of my head! (And as you can see from my previous answers, I have a lot going on in my head at any given time).

Q: What are some goals you would like to accomplish as a writer in the next five years?

A: I would really like to get to a place where I have 1-2 new releases a year and that I can earn enough from my writing to pay my student loans each month (I know it doesn’t sound overly glamorous but it’s the truth). I’ve got a day job that absolutely love so there is no way I’d be leaving that, but if I can put some books out there that people find interesting, that would make me very happy.

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