South Carolina Writer’s Group

I just started a meetup for authors in the Charleston, SC area.  You can get the details at  I started the group for the purpose of creating a network of authors (and their supporters) who will partner together for the purposes of:

  • Writing and publishing great fiction/non-fiction
  • Building an author platform
  • Gaining exposure as an author

The group is aimed primarily at independent authors (a.k.a. indie authors), but we welcome all authors and their supporters.  One of the central ideas behind this group is that we can accomplish more together than we can individually.  By pooling our knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm, we can help each other achieve our goals as authors.

We will fulfill the purposes of this group by engaging in the following (not an exhaustive list):

  • Presentations/discussions on the process of writing, publishing, building an author platform, and gaining exposure as an author.
  • Networking with other authors/author supporters for the purposes of supporting each other in the writing process, and trading services (e.g. beta reading, editing, critiquing, cover design, author website/blog development, marketing support, et cetera).
  • Providing a knowledge base of resources for every stage of the writing process including idea development, writing, editing, publishing, and marketing.



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