As an author and a freedom-loving American, I am opposed to censorship.  Even though I may not agree with your opinions about something, I still believe you have the right to express those opinions.  I believe in the competition of ideas, that if all ideas have an equal platform, that ultimately the best ideas come to the top and we are all better off for it.  Unfortunately, not everyone shares this viewpoint.

Recently I began hearing about censorship at Facebook.  After seeing more than one news story on the topic, I have decided to discuss the topic here.  Facebook is a private company, so they have the right to post or not post content as they see fit.  However, it appears they are selectively and deceptively censoring the content of people who do not agree with the political viewpoints of their founder – Mark Zuckerberg.  Their actions appear to include deliberately limiting and removing functionality from the pages of Facebook’s political and ideological opponents.

If you use Facebook, as I do, you should be aware that they are potentially censoring your friends and contacts from viewing data and information that you post to your account or that you may attempt to view on other’s accounts.   I have linked to an article below that discusses numerous specifics about this alleged censorship that you will likely find very informative.  I wanted to sound the alarm so that you are all aware of what is apparently going on.  While Facebook denies all wrongdoing, in the face of growing evidence it is increasingly hard to believe their denials.

Forewarned is forearmed.  Here is the article referred to above.



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